Biology, Sociobiology, and Genetics

Sexual Selection

The Sociobiology of Style

Nice Rats, Nasty Rats: Genes for Domestication and Socialization

Psychology and Memetics

Richard Dawkins, Viruses of the Mind

Susan Blackmore, Video on Memes and Temes on TED

V. S. Ramachandran, The Mind’s Eye: Neuroscience, Synaesthesia and Art

The Subconscious Brain: Who’s Minding the Mind, NYTimes

Priming the Mind: Warm Cup, Close Dots, and Shoot-em-up Video Games


Madison Avenue is in the business of mythmaking, of creating and perpetuating the myths that reflect and shape our values, sensibilities, and lifestyles.-Randazzo, Mythmaking on Madison Avenue, 1993

Jennifer Hecht, The Happiness Myth

Killing Me Softly: Myth in Pharmaceutical Advertising

Deconstructing the Cinderella Myth: Ashes. Blood and the Slipper of Glass, Terri Windling


Nick Yee: Research Studies on Virtual Worlds

Marketing and Anti-Consumerism

The 100-Thing Challenge, A Guy Named Dave

Crowds (or Groupthink Theory)

The Wisdom of Crowds, Surowiecki 2004

The Madness of Crowds, Mackay 1841


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