Our identities are formed from our experiences, seen through the lens of our culture and influenced by our perceptions.

Who are we?

We are what we think we are. And we are also what other people think of us. In both cases, the perception is highly subjective. But we act as if it were real, and one rock solid personality instead of something malleable and multitudinous.

Part of expressing identity is shaping the narrative: the story of one’s life, the connections between people, and the development of social signals. We change our clothes, we build our networks, and attempt to distinguish our individuality and belong to a group at the same time.

I am fascinated by online virtual environments, such as Second Life, where the development of identity occurs in a relative vacuum. You determine your appearance, gender, clothing, affiliations and history: no real life elements are needed. The world is open-ended, but not particularly sticky…unless you manage to become part of an existing community either through friends or personal interests.

So in a world where you can be anyone, who do you choose to be? Where do you choose to go?

On Personality and Identity


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