Culture is a catchall term for the human environment: our society, laws, and media all fall into this set of factors. This also includes politics, religion, mythology, and economics.

Sometimes we like to think of ourselves as islands–to believe that the world around us is no match for our own independence. This is incorrect. To bring the metaphor forward, the only reason we have our identities as islands is because of the water around us.

Everything that societies do is intended to alter the behaviour of the individual: from enacting laws to telling stories, societies establish parameters for accepted behaviour, encourage good actions and punish outliers. Usually this works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

One interesting thing about the global village and better communication has been the development of subcultures: niches made up of individuals who would be relatively isolated within their larger community. In addition, the evolution of subcultures occurs at a faster rate.

I would like to research the confluence of media and mythology: the concept of ideal behaviours, aspirational buying, and age-old tropes combined with new media with mass culture as the modern fairy tale, the modern myth.


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