Human beings have two basic impulses that affect their behaviour: biological and cultural, or genetic and memetic. Biology can override societal constraints, and vice versa, as seen in voluntary religious celibacy.

Our needs are basic. The environment we live in, and the way we choose to satisfy our needs, are both complex.

The way in which we make choices is affected by a million subconscious factors, dependent on what we have been exposed to recently, what we think in general, and how we’re feeling right now. And the justification for our choices we state out loud usually isn’t exactly the real reason.

I want to look at why we make choices and how society manipulates individual behaviour, with the ultimate goal of finding ways to alter our own decision-making processes.

Marketing is turning needs into wants. Anti-marketing, the way I want to look at it, is distinguishing the difference between needs and wants, and understanding both the world’s influences on you and your potential influence on the world.


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